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About me.....

I'm a quirky mother of 3, married to my high school sweetheart. I graduated from Ball State University with a Bachlors of Science.  I currently reside in Yorktown, Indiana, living with my Party of 5 and I can't forget my furry felines, Lily and mini double doodle, Cooper.

My first, Reece is a freshman in college, Ellie, is a sophomore and has landed herself in the competitive dance world since the ripe age of 4 (before you ask, it's nothing like the show) as well as the high school dance team and finally, my last, Remee is in second grade and has filled our lives with surprise and tons of joy.


In 2010 our lives changed. My husband lost his only sibling in a tragic auto accident. This unexpected experience caused me to place EXTREME value in a memory. Not a memory that might fade over time but a memory that was still, full of life, caputured in a lens that can bring joy far beyond a lifetime.


It wasn't until 2015 that I figured out what I wanted in a career. I wanted the gift of giving back.  You know that gift you get for someone who you just can't wait to give? Well that is me everytime a client views their portraits. I love everything from corresponding, meeting, photographing, editing and handing over the finished memory.


My goal is simple: to capture moments, to get the unexpected, the emotion, the personality all through my lens. I want you to have a picture you look back on that will set off a memory, just the way it was at that moment.


I shoot Canon, Don't have a favorite lens, I like variety. I shoot outdoors and in studio, on ladders and use unusal props and locations, I'm detailed, quirky and diagnosed with  photography OCD. I edit all my images in both Lightroom and Photoshop, take pictures in RAW to get the best quality outcome. I would never give you a picture I wouldn't want my name on as the artist.


It's time to get in front of the lens, "you are like glitter, you'll never get lost because you are leaving a trail behind to be cherished."




Max Zick-16
Paint Party (65 of 71)
Brand Twins (30 of 78)
Audrey Arin Watson-73
Tommy and Jordan BW  (22 of 33)
Retro Hair Salon
Kasey's Senior Pictures
Who Want's Ice-Cream
School Bus
Circus 5th Birthday
Old Cars 50 Style
Kat BW 0197
Johnson Twins City-45
Tweens 0892
Fluff and Fold Laundry Service
Brooklyn Miller-25
Helena Class of 2016
Haleigh Class of 2016
Ellie and Indiana Farm Fields
Remee at Beach
Emma and Starbucks
Audrey aka Ellie
Canoe in a yard?
Morgan Friend Indoor-4
Valentines Day 5 by 7 (9 of 17)
Silhouette of Ellie
Ruthie 0354
Mason 0350
Easter Bunny
Barn Door Cropped BW Hair
Lay 0145

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still"


Ready? Set. Go!

Serving: Muncie~Yortown~Anderson

Tel: 765-749-2977


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